Welcome to the Giuseppe Razinger/ Giorgio Bergoglio/ Gabriele the whistleblower TRIPLE G cedar shims seminar style workshop August with Augustine!

We posit that AUGUSTO might mean the Eastern wind, which would mean the dawn spirit of God, but thats just rambline.
theme song: ACH! du liber, augustine.

Ratzinger is a great fan of the African philosopher St Augustine (thats right, he was from hippo, look it up), but he is not the only one.
Non catholics too appreciate the astute academic acumen of this African Ace a la Averroes, Anselm and Aristotle. JAJAJAJ
Indeed Harry Frankfurt the bestselling author of On Bullshit builds on the tiem honored bullshit theory of Augustine.Neocities.

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in studying various girms if governance and territory or domain,no one is birn in vatican itu butthe vatican city iffers citizenship based on desire and action and we could say the same for angelcity we need to tixy it up but this takes time. prior nations were establushed by violence but now we need to use love instead.

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