The original title of this page, MONETINE MONDIALI, reflects its original purpose: to bring economic justice to the world.
People are denied economic justice for a variety of reasons; in this case, mental disease was the motivating factor.
Thus, in the original analysis, Matilda Lando was held up as an icon of someone who, pursued by a deranged authority figure, was orphaned and formed an economic and social alliance with a sicario out of simple necessity.
IN a famous and troubling scene that is all too realistic, the 12 year old Matilda puts a pistol to her temple and declares that she wants "love or death. that's it."
Gary oldfield who played the deranged authority figure also played the preacher in The Scarlet Letter so if The Professional is too raw try the latter.
And we can say this now, the leopard often defended not only white collar cromonals but those of the street assualts. when a police officer said you have no idea who gou are dealing with in regards to the former and scoffed "these peiple are violent" in regards to the latter the leopatd retirted really? when was the last time you hit a woman? to which she received no reply.
inderd the would confide in her saying " dont let it get around but...once when told by a fellow lawyer to lie because "everyone does" she responded God sees what we do andshe stood up when the case was called and said Are we teaching the defendants to lie?
This is outlandish and scandalous to some; but read the story of Saint Philomena, the "daughter of light."NB its dymphna not philomena dymphnaa was the one murdered by father and patroness of the mental illness and feast day same as jeanne darc
Mental disease is present in all walks of society and always has been, though no one has wished to discuss it.
It has merely grown to be an overwhelmingly common cultural phenomenon as we have grown more mentally sophisticated.
The economic injustice occoasioned by mental disease is unthinkable but quite common.
Because of personal experience in the futility of trying to sue angry, mentally disabled people for justice,--they would have to sue those who harmed them under the doctrine of third party liability, and the chain of pain never ends--- we hoped in a small way to prevent and cure mental disease, protect those who are persecuted, and promote awareness of mental health.
THe winklevoss twins could not possibly understand that because they have never been poor.
Now supposing we have $1000 and we invest it at 5% for one year.
This will give back $50, which if you pay it out monthly is roughly $4.16. So if we have four people, they each get a dollar and we reinvest 16 cents.
INterestingly, another phenomenon which is perhaps understudied is the Holy Spirit.
Harold Berman was interested in doing a study of the Holy Spirit in History.
He believed along with Eugene that the Sanctifier had been neglected in the theology of history, while emphasis was placed on the Creator and the Redeemer.
This may be due to the nature of the Spirit who usually works "behind the scenes" in the humility that is characteristic of each person of the Trinity but perhaps especially of the Spirit.
After all, the spirit never speaks except through others.; it rushes upon people and they are inpsired to speak in their own voice.
Moreover, it is prophesied that "in the last days God will pour out his spirit upon all people".
We need not fear the "last days" but lift up our heads because the Spirit is near at hand.
And as the Song of Solomon says, "where are you, my dove?"
The spirit and the bride are calling to our hearts in love..

But the Prodigies of the Spirit are unparalleled: from brooding over the waters until a whole universe was wrought, to overshadowing the Virgin and impregnating her with the incarnate God, to rushing upon the Church, the Spirit is Extreme Godliness in Action.
This study of the Spirit laboring in Love in all the History of the Universe might be called the Phenomenology of the Spirit.
The Lay of the Valanga or the heilege Geist History and how the Valanga Visitied the Great Big Global Gabuzzo Ghetto.
Because the Geo and even the Galaxy is a ghetto, whether Giudei, Gentili, or Gabuzzi.
Who are you? Where are you going? What are you looking for?
Why are you on the internet? Just to get a fiver and then die?
When Christ was Transfigured the destiny of us all was revealed.
He shone brighter than the Moon, brighter than the Sun which the moon reflects. Light and Joy radiated from his being.


The holy spirit has just shown us that the valanga di Vita IS the holy spirit, the great Volcanic Vento of Vim, Vigor and Vitality who comes to Visit his people with the Verbo of Verita and Vita, incarnate the Kingdom of Heaven in our Hearts.
It is our task to cooperate, just as before it was our task to garden in joy.